As a result of the explosive growth in electronically stored information (ESI), the management of electronic information has become a critical issue with significant business, legal, and technology ramifications. At Kilpatrick Townsend, we have a dedicated team which provides the counsel, experience, and tools needed to manage electronic information and eDiscovery efficiently and cost-effectively.

The eDiscovery practice consists of experienced litigators, paralegals, project managers, data analysts, and trial technologists with experience across industries, technologies, and litigation profiles. This diverse team works collaboratively to provide each client with creative, efficient, and cost-effective legal counsel and technology solutions that best address their specific information management and eDiscovery needs.

The eDiscovery team provides value in the following key areas:

  • Records Management:  We help our clients develop and implement practical, effective retention policies to manage their records.
  • Litigation Readiness:  We believe that the most prepared litigant is the successful litigant. Thus, we help our clients prepare for litigation by providing practical advice and oversight with respect to their eDiscovery policies and procedures, including advising on preservation issues, identifying potential custodians and data sources, drafting litigation hold notices and monitoring compliance, and consulting on vendor selection and management.
  • eDiscovery:  We guide our clients and litigation teams through every stage of discovery in litigation matters and investigations, including identification, preservation, collection, process, review, and production of relevant information. We bring value by developing, implementing and defending eDiscovery strategies—strategies that not only enable the parties to identify and exchange relevant discovery as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible but that are proportionate to the case.

Because of the exponential growth of ESI and the almost daily changes in technology, the field of eDiscovery is rapidly changing and filled with risks and challenges. As a result, it is more important than ever that our attorneys and clients are knowledgeable on the changing legal and technology issues affecting eDiscovery. Thus, the members of our eDiscovery practice regularly conduct eDiscovery CLEs and training workshops and maintain on our intranet a database of key case law, guiding principles, best practices, and representative documents.

Through a combination of timely advice, advanced technology solutions, and proven business processes, the eDiscovery team is dedicated to providing the highest levels of client service possible, helping to reduce the risks and costs associated in all areas of eDiscovery and Information Management.