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Paine Jr., James R.
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Palmer, Mark
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Palmgren, Anna
+46 (0)8 505 646 68 Stockholm E-Mail vCard
Pangborn, Susan W.
+1 415.273.4763
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San Francisco
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Pannell, Charles A.
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Panzarella, Joseph A.
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Parvulescu, Monica
Senior Trademark Attorney
+1 310.777.3743 Los Angeles E-Mail vCard
Pate, Victor L.
Senior Patent Attorney
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Patterson, Melissa E.
Patent Attorney
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Patton, Matthew H.
Of Counsel
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Who We Are

What Fully Engaged Means To Me

Cathy E. Cretsinger Ph.D
Cathy E. Cretsinger Ph.D

Working in partnership with my clients to understand their goals and to develop and implement effective strategies for achieving those goals.

Kent T. Dallow
Kent T. Dallow

Doing what you are passionate about to the fullest extent of your abilities and taking responsibility for your actions.

Kathleen B. Dodd Barton
Kathleen B. Dodd Barton

Being fully engaged means understanding your client's business and goals, anticipating your client's needs and proactively offering creative solutions.


Case Background Fourteen years ago, Kilpatrick Townsend client R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company (RJRT) was sued in the Middle